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3 Must-See Spots in Dinkytown Before Graduation


Graduation is upon us, and while you might be coping with bittersweet feelings of saying farewell, now is the perfect time to make new memories and enjoy the remainder of your time at UNCOMMON Dinkytown. Before you leave, check out these must-see spots near the University of Minnesota.

Varsity Theater

If you have yet to attend an event at Varsity Theater, go before you graduate! You’ve likely walked by the photo-worthy yellow marquee located in the heart of the neighborhood. It’s a popular hangout to catch a show in a historic building dating back to 1915. When people talk about things to do in Dinkytown, Varsity Theater is a must.

The Art of Dinkytown

It’s hard to miss all the art and murals around Dinkytown. While you’ve likely caught sight of a few, make sure you learn about the history and culture of the neighborhood by visiting them all. One of note is in front of Gray’s, another historic and iconic building in the Dinkytown area. You’ve likely seen the mosaic on the outside of the building that pays homage to the 1950s, when Bob Dylan himself lived in the building. Gray’s has hosted several shops and restaurants over the years, but currently it is a charming cafe that you should stop by and experience before your move out. 

Sightseeing in Minneapolis

Learn more about the history of Dinkytown and Minneapolis with one of the ultimate tourist excursions in town – the Magical History Tour.  It is the oldest Segway tour in the nation and leads you around the riverfront, Summit Avenue, and the Sculpture Gardens. Take graduation as an excuse to play tourist and learn a little more about the sights around town. 

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